Rules and Policies

Important Rules and Policies

Please read the Important information and the Rules and regulations forms that can be downloaded with all the other forms.

Dance Events Guidelines

Pro / Am and Amateur Dance Events

Participants may enter separate levels per the four dance styles (Smooth, Rhythm, International Ballroom, and Latin). Further, they may enter the following in two age categories:

1. Four consecutively Closed Freestyles Examples:

  • Beginner, Preliminary, Intermediate and Full Gold – OR – Preliminary, Intermediate & Full Bronze and Beginner Silver
  • The only exception to this rule is that a Bronze Student dancing for the first time at each Triple Crown Event may enter the Newcomer, Beginner, Preliminary, Intermediate, and Full Bronze.

2. The Advanced Freestyles (Open)

3. The Open Freestyles (Open)

4. The One-Dance Championships (Open)

5. The Multi-Dance Championships (Open)

6. Closed Scholarships in Bronze & Silver, ages A-B-C

7. Closed Bronze & Closed Silver Scholarships

8. 9 Dance Championships (no age & no level)

9. 10 Dance Championships (no age & no level)

10. The Triple Crown Scholarship Challenges (Open)

(No events will be created for any participants. Students must enter events already offered.) A completed sample Entry Form is available under the web site Forms section.


Judging – Impression judging shall be used by adjudicators to evaluate performances. The final results shall be determined using the Skating System.

Bronze Footwork
Participants must use closed footwork in all Bronze smooth dances. Continuity
styling will not be permitted.

• Styling and Figures
Penalty points will be assessed to American style performances should they
contain International styling or figures.
Participants in closed International Latin and Ballroom events will be permitted
to dance only ISTD figures per their respective category.
Open footwork will be permitted in the Advanced Freestyles as it already
applies to the Open Freestyles.

• Lifts
Participants may include lifts in only the Theatre Arts Cabaret, Theatrical
Ballroom and Showdance events. Only 3 lifts allowed in Showdance.

Time Limitations

A time of two and one half minutes shall be placed on the length of exhibitions, showcases, formations, and theatre arts. Routines in excess of this limit will result in penalties and additional entry fees. Note, please provide music on CD or cassette tape and cued.